August 16, 1939 – The Day Eva Gabor Arrived in the United States

On August 16, 1939, Eva Gabor (aka Eva Drimmer) arrived at Ellis Island with her first husband, Eric Drimmer aboard the SS Ile de France.

In her book, Orchids and Salami, Eva describes having an inner cabin at the water line that would have been too small for Eric by himself, She also states that they sold her wedding present from Eric (a Jaguar) in order to buy the tickets for the crossing.

The manifest lists her nationality as Swedish (Drimmer was Swedish), shows she speaks four languages (Eva clarified in her book that she didn’t speak English very well at the time), lists her age as 20, and shows her next of kin as her father in Budapest.

What is fantastically interesting is that the SS Ile de France only had a handful of crossings left before the official outbreak of WWII and the ceasing of transatlantic travel for passenger ships.  I’m still looking for the confirmation of sailing, but mathematically, there should have only been two more crossings after Eva’s arrival before the war broke out. .  The ship set idle for several months until the British sailed it back across the Atlantic loaded with war materials.  The SS Ile de France was re-purposed into a troopship in 1942.




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In the meantime, let’s enjoy a family photo.

gabor family party

Eva Gabor Passes Away

On July 4, 1995, Eva Gabor passed away due to complications from pneumonia, which she contracted after falling and breaking her hip in Mexico.

The interview below includes a clip of Eva discussing the opportunities available in the US. She doesn’t sugar coat the secret: hard work.

Give a moment of sympathy and condolences to those who knew her and still miss her.

Eva Gabor appearance on Attitudes

Stunning Eva Gabor

I absolutely LOVE this photo of Eva Gabor. The look is so very remeniscent of Marilyn Monroe. Her hair is just a bit astray. Her makeup is flawless, yet natural. Her eyes are full of life. The pose is playful. The colors are fresh and vibrant. She is both classic and timeless in this photo.


Eva Gabor Marries Eric Drimmer

In June of 1937, eighteen year old Eva Gabor married Eric Drimmer.  The couple met at a party in Budapest.  Gabor’s parents opposed the marriage at first.  A ceremony was arranged, but did not take place because of problems with Drimmer’s paperwork.  The couple then eloped to London, where they were married.  They remained in London until Eva’s paperwork to come to America was approved.  The couple divorced in 1942.


OTD – Magda Gabor Passes Away

On June 6, 1997, Magda Gabor passed away due to kidney failure in Palm Springs, California.

While Magda was the least famous of the Gabor sisters, she could be said to have been the Gabor sister with the most significant contribution.  During WWII, she worked with the Hungarian resistance.  Eventually, her named ended up at the top of the wrong list and she had to be smuggled out of the country on the floorboard of a truck.

Perhaps some day, someone will write a biography on Magda.